Experience & Service

As part of the Rapid Group (Rapid-Tec, Rapid Repairs), we can draw on our experience of over 25 years with an excellent track record and proven reliability. Paradin follows the same thorough process as the other members of the group and we are equally committed to smart and practical solutions that truly help our clients. Fast and high quality service is self-evident to us. The customer comes first. We have built our reputation on this principle for many years.

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Focus & Advice

We focus relentlessly on those aspects that really matter to our customers. This is reflected both in the technical aspects of our products and the services we offer. We therefore consciously choose not to offer certain features. Because we are convinced that is the best for our customers.

Through our extensive experience we are well placed to provide advice on what products are right for our customer. We give clear information to enable our customers to make the right decision.

Transparency & Innovation

We believe in simplicity, not in unnecessary complexity. This is reflected not only in our product vision, but also in our pricing and our business model. Lighting technology evolves at a very high pace. The boundaries of what is possible are continuously being redefined. However, innovation should be linked to measurable improvement. Not only in performance but also in terms of the entire lighting solution. Our products are deliberately designed to be future-proof. By choosing Paradin you can take advantage of technological improvements, while building on your current installation.


The timeless and practical design of our products reflects our unique philosophy. Robust simplicity. Flexible. Uncompromising. From the initial development Total Cost of Ownership was taken into account as well as the position of lighting in a larger whole. This makes our lighting a profitable investment throughout the entire lifecycle of the product: purchase, installation, usage and maintenance.

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Convince Yourself

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