The essence remains.

The new standard in professional LED lighting.

The future. Now.

A better world. One step at a time.

Paradin is committed to making the world a genuinely better place in the long term. We stand for high quality products which have the greatest possible impact.

Lighting is particularly suited to realizing this aim. LED technology makes it possible to generate a massive reduction in energy consumption and pollution.

But we can only achieve our goal if we are also committed to making the world better for our customers.

Our products and business model are designed to deliver as many of the gains in efficiency as possible directly to you, the customer. No endless list of product variants, no unnecessary accessories and extras, no unnecessary steps in the supply chain.

This ensures you are better off financially.


Omikron is designed to follow the technological evolution while retaining its essential characteristics and external appearance.

Existing installations can be seamlessly extended in the future while still benefiting from any improvement in efficiency.

  • Fixed outer dimensions

    Sleek, practical and compact design makes Omikron a highly flexible lighting solution. Suitable for now and far into the future.

  • Standard color temperature

    Omikron always delivers clear white light. Pleasant and productive. Now – and in the future.

  • The same high light output

    For us, good light means a lot of light. That will remain the case.

  • The highest efficiency in the world.

    Optimal driver. No unnecessary ballast.

  • Consistent standards for reliability.

    IP65 or better. IK08 or better. 5 year warranty.


Lighting technology evolves rapidly. Innovation however, needs to be coupled with measurable improvement. Both in terms of performance and total quality of the lighting solution.

Our extensive track record and years of experience give us a unique insight into the needs of our customers