Optimal light during the entire lifetime.

To guarantee an optimal lighting over time the initial choice of fixture is not the only consideration.

Conventional lighting such as TL- and high-pressure-lamps degrade during their usage. In time they give off less light.

For our LED lighting this is not the case. During normal usage, the LEDs keep almost their entire original light output.

There are however a lot of other factors that negatively influence the total light output during the passage of time, for example dirt and decreased reflection.

Over a 15 to 20 year period, these factors play a much bigger role than internal wear and tear. Dusty or corroded fixtures can lead to a loss of light output up to 30%.

Ook hier heeft Paradin een gepaste oplossing voor.


For workspaces where a lot of dust is present, we have a telescopic brush (up to a maximum of 5 meters) that allows you to wipe off each fixture standing on the floor.

A short yearly cleanup is sufficient in this circumstance to guarantee your maximum efficiency.

Extra Cover

Where pollution is much stronger or aggressive in nature we recommend equipping the fixtures with our “Extra Cover”.

The extra cover is easily attached by snapping onto the frame of the fixture and functions as a buffer protecting the fixture against damage and pollution.

At any time, the extra cover can be cleaned separately or replaced, ensuring your fixture is again as good as when you purchased it.

Yearly maintenance

For customers that wish this, Paradin offers a service contract including a yearly or requested visit at your site to keep your lighting in top shape.

During this service all fixtures and Extra Covers are checked and cleaned. Defective fixtures are replaced (of which 5 years under warranty).  Damaged fixtures or Extra Covers are repaired or replaced as necessary.