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Verzinkerij Metal Galva Plus – 26 Clusters and offices

Metal Galva Plus chose our state-of-the-art cluster lighting.

The company replaced 50 high pressure lamps with a total power consumption of 23 kW by 26 clusters of 4 Omikron 1500 fixtures with a total energy consumption of 6,44 kW.

The energy usage decreased by more than 70 procent.

Ophardt Hygiene – 28 Omikrons and offices


Ophardt Hygiene has expressly opted for Omikron.

For example, in the galvanization section 18 gas discharge lamps with a combined energy consumption of 8,28 kW were replaced by 7 clusters of 4 Omikron 3E-CC fixtures with a total energy consumption of 1,68kW.  The energy consumption decreased by no less than 80 procent.

“We even have more light now than before. In hindsight 6 clusters would have been sufficient.”

 Jos Hendrikx – Bedrijfsleider

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Loonbedrijf Weltjens Bocholt – 300 Omikrons

LWBChief executive Yvan Weltjens and technical manager Christophe Ceyssens of contractor LWB confidently chose Omikron.

After a light study conducted by Paradin, it was decided to place 300 Omikron fixtures in the workplace. These provide an average luminance level of no less than 750 lux.

The new lighting with Omikron fixtures was a very good investment. From the first day I noticed a definite increase in productivity and job satisfaction in my employees.

Yvan Weltjens, CEO

Jeco – New building with 40 Omikron, 6 clusters

Paradin installed 40 fixtures, 24 of which wer placed in 24 in 6 square clusters of 4 in a new workspace with an area of  588 m2 and 8m high.

In this way, the light spread is perfectly in line with the need, producing an excellent result.

Our employees are very impressed with the new lighting. At their request, I am looking for ways to install the Paradin lighting in other areas of the company.

Geert Jackers, managing director

De Kievelden – 320 Omikrons


At production company De Kievelden 650 TL fixtures that were only 2 years in use, were replaced with 320 Omikron 3E-CC fixtures.

A profitable investment due to the low TCO of Omikron.

Thanks to an energy saving of 25 kW on the connected power we could connect much needed new equipment for our electricity network. In this way, the replacement of lighting supports the long-term strategy of our company.

Update after 1 year: read more.

Mike De Kievelde – CEO DK

Top restaurant Orshof in Neerglabbeek

OrshofLogoOmikron is certainly no mood lighting.

But in the kitchen – above the piping hot stove – the cook is certain in the knowledge that no detail escapes his attention before his delicious dishes leave the kitchen.

Frank Van Orshoven appreciates the exceptional qualities of Omikron that make the fixture suitable for use in the demanding environment of kitchen and freezer.

Torson – 58 Omikrons


Metal machining business Torson in Lummen recently switched to Omikron. The results speaks for themselves.

Our lighting was outdated and in urgent need of cleaning. After consulting with Paradin it became readily apparent that replacement with the high-end LED Omikron was the best solution. I find myself often looking up, as if our roof was removed.

Mario Torson – Manager



Sleurs Bathroom furniture – 40 Omikrons

SPB Bocholt

Companies often do not realize the potential cost savings in lighting. Paradin proves that it is possible to have more light for less money.

SPB in Bocholt replaced 20 gas discharge lamps with a total energy consumption of 9200W with 36 Omikron 3E-CC fixtures with a combined energy consumption of 2232W.  A saving of no less than 75 percent.

At first I hardly dared to believe the amount of light output by Omikron. As an entrepreneur, you hear a lot of stories that do not live up to reality. I asked myself the question: “How can 2200W yield as much or more light than 9200W?”

As soon as I saw the Omikron fixtures in reality it became clear that it is truly possible to have increased light with much less energy consumption. From the first day you install Omikron you are earning money …

We are now planning to replace our entire lighting with Omikron 3E-CC.

Firmin Sleurs – CEO SPB

Gereedschapsmakerij Simons – 100 Omikrons, 20 Clusters and offices

Paradin has successfully finished relighting of the large work hall at  Gereedschapsmakerij Simons in Hamont. In this work space that has a height of 9 meter there were initially 30 high pressure lamps each 460W.

Initially this customer had doubts that LED lighting could satisfy his demands with regard to light quality and licht output. They wanted a significant increase in the total light output and a solution for the shadow by the roller bridge.

Our unique Paradin Omikron Cluster has been specially designed to meet these demands.

As you can see in the photos they deliver an unequalled light dispersion and they function best installed higher up where they effectively fill the room with light and cast almost no shadows. The fixture is ENEC certified and supported by a 5 year warranty.

ITM Sales & Services

Paradin gave us a professional service with light study and in situ measurements. They made sure we got the right solution for us.

I was especially impressed by the ease with which the fixtures could be installed: barely one day was needed to replace our old lighting without loss of production.

Filip Schrooten, workshop manager ITM

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