Software for light planning

As an official DIAL partner Paradin makes it easy for you to plan your projects and make your light plans yourself using Paradin lighting products.

Professional light design is made easy and accessible to all with DIALux software.  The platform connects you to designers and suppliers of lighting from across the globe.

Download our plugin using the link on the top right and start immediately.

What are the benefits of DIALux?

    • Simple, effective and professional lighting design..
    • Latest, state-of-the-art software, continuously updated and free of charge to the user.
    • Optimal coordination with existing planning procedures.
    • Planning of whole buildings including outdoor spaces.
    • Calculation of light scenes according to EN-13201norm.
    • Energy valuation in a very short time.
    • Planning with different filters, light sources and materials.
    • Realistic visualisation of your design van uw design.